MicroService Transaction Patterns

MicroService Transaction Patterns
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MicroService Transaction Patterns This book explains 5 little-known patterns to ensure data consistency in microservices. You will learn 5 simple ways of building microservices that are both simpler and more reliable.

This book is for you if you care about data consistency a lot (e.g., if you are in financial services or if you build and maintain an online payment platform).

This book is NOT for you if you don’t care about data consistency across microservices

About the Author


Like you, I was once puzzled by the mystery of reliable distributed systems, back in 1993 already. I started learning about it and even went on to get a PhD from ETH Zürich, Switzerland. I didn’t stop there: I founded a company (Atomikos) and the only thing we do is transaction management. I still do some research today, and try to publish a paper every now and then.

At Atomikos, our story is one of ruthless simplification by keeping only the things that work. For instance, we pioneered JEE without application server in 2006. Later we adhered to SOA without ESB. I am proud to say that we got Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” award for our work.

Today we help our customers move away from the application server. We help them transition to enterprise-grade microservices instead. With microservices, transactions become distributed transactions whether you like it or not. For most people that is a challenge. Not for us: we have decades of pioneering experience under our belt.