Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CDC (Community driven Course)?

CDC are courses which make changes with customer feedback. As technology changes, it is critical for courses to update. Customer going through the course or has completed it in past has lot of feedback to update courses. CDC offers github repo for feedback, trainer can take those feedback and improve the course.

Is ShareLearn a discount website?

We believe in value rather than discount. As per research people buy discounted courses and rarely complete them. We want to be your partner in achieving your goals by finding best value with your timelines and requirements.

Is ShareLearn a training provider?

We work on enhancing education tools shared by other via creative commons. Our intent is to find you best resource as per your timelines and requirements.

I find my content on your website?

We publish content from multiple sources, shared by our community members. Mandatory condition is that content should be available in public domain. If you find anything which you did not share for free, please let us know at [email protected]

Are all labs free?

Most of the labs we share are free to use and free to practice
i.e. no charge from sharelearn or environment provider,
paid labs will require signup.
contact us at [email protected] for further questions

Are you affiliated with lab environment provider?

We are not affilaited with any labs provider please check there term and condition before using there environment

Do you provide support for labs?

Support for free labs is only provided as part of workshop and email on best effort basis.

I like recommended courses, are they free?

Not all courses are free, we share course / training price on the recommendation page.

Are workshops free?

Not all workshops are free
please check price of workshop on ticket booking site eventbrite/Facebook.

What is your refund policy?

For our products we want you to get 100% satisfied, if you did not like any or our product, please let us know. We will issue refund via our partners.
For third party products please refer to their refund policy

What is your cancelation policy?

Cancellation policy is different for every product, please check details before payment.

My question is not here?

Send us an email at [email protected]