Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty

In this guide we will covering steps to get Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty certification

Azure is cloud offering by Microsoft.

Azure offers a large collection of services including

Azure, like other cloud platforms, relies on virtualization.

Most computer hardware can be emulated in software, because most computer hardware is simply a set of instructions encoded in silicon.

Using a virtualization layer that maps software instructions to hardware instructions, virtualized hardware can execute in software as if it were the actual hardware itself.

The cloud is a set of physical servers in datacenter that execute virtualized hardware on behalf of customers.

Candidates for the Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty certification should have subject matter expertise designing, implementing, and monitoring cloud-native applications that store and manage data.

Responsibilities for this role include designing and implementing data models and data distribution, loading data into an Azure Cosmos DB database, and optimizing and maintaining the solution.

These professionals integrate the solution with other Azure services. They also design, implement, and monitor solutions that consider security, availability, resilience, and performance requirements.

Candidates for this certification must have solid knowledge and experience developing apps for Azure and working with Azure Cosmos DB database technologies.

They should be proficient at developing applications by using the Core (SQL) API and SDKs, writing efficient queries and creating appropriate index policies, provisioning and managing resources in Azure, and creating server-side objects with JavaScript.

They should be able to interpret JSON, read C# or Java code, and use PowerShell.

Job role: Developer, Data Engineer, Solution Architect

In order to get Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty you have to give DP 420 exam

DP 420 exam cost $165

For limited time Microsoft is offering reduced rate for job seekers impacted by COVID-19 and students

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There are ways to get it for free.

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There are two ways to get Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty exam for free

Yes you can take the Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty certification exam from home, exam is proctored by Pearson VUE

What you need to do in advance:

When you take your online proctored exam:

Cloud computing is the platform of the future, and as data from the IT industry reveals, it has here.

Microsoft Azure has firmly established itself at the forefront of this growing trend, making Azure training and certification the best option for people and businesses of all kinds.

According to Microsoft and a 2017 Pearson VUE Value of Certification white paper, 23 percent of Microsoft certified technologists reported receiving a salary increase of up to 20% after earning their certification.

Certified new recruits also attain full productivity faster and have additional advancement prospects.

Certified personnel make 15% more on average and are roughly 20% more productive than those without certification.

Below is list of topics covered in AZ 303 exam

Design and implement data models(35–40%)
Design and implement data distribution(5–10%)
Integrate an Azure Cosmos DB solution(5–10%)
Optimize an Azure Cosmos DB solution(15–20%)
Maintain an Azure Cosmos DB solution(25–30%)

Check mode details DP 420 skills measured

Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty certification exam is not open book.

A proctor will be monitor you while exam is in session.

These are recommended way to prepare for AZ 303 exam. Make sure to check cloud labs at our website

  1. Free Microsoft training offered to select corporate customer. check here
  2. Microsoft learn(It free )
  3. Live class with trainer

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Please make sure you practice your skills.

Even if you pass as best it will only get you interview.

Practice what you watch and learn check cloud labs

Try Microsoft free trial

Yes before you end your exam you can go back and update you answers. You can complete lab in any way you want, Microsoft will grade you on results.

You can schedule AZ 305 exam here

Go ahead and schedule exam.

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